An ergonimic chair should support and relax, distribute the loads and help the spine and the entire body to find the ideal comfort. ERGONOMY means movement, the chair, through the technical features should move along with the human body to fit perfectly to anybody anathomy.

Correct sitting


The mechanism is the chair's center piece, it is where the movement originates.There are several type of mechanisms, therefor it is important to choose the ones that siuts properly to user's working habits.


To rest the arms and relax the shoulder it's necessary to haver a support that fits the user's shape, creating continuity with the desk.


The ergonomic chairs's wellness is ensured by the proper spine's support.

Castors and glides

As well as the chair fits to body's movement, it'd also fitt to the floor ensuring the user's security. The castor are equipped with a safety device: before the users fit the castors are braked to keep the chair still when you sit.