Multifunctional space

Neat and embracing shapes, the right atmosphere to welcome relationships.Love seats, armchairs, poufs, to make the wait more pleasant and improve the perception of hospitality, so important at any workplace.

Multifunctional space


Its inviting and cosy design offers comfortable seating position perfectly balanced between an active and a relaxed posture.


The soft shapes make it perfect to create a warm and friendly atmosphere, bringing the office and the residential environment closer.


MeWa System has a generous seat with active ergonomics to create a unique space with a sensorial feel and therefore atmosphere, encouraging the ‘social cohesion’.


Modular soft seating: its intelligent concept is driven by simplicity, flexibility, modularity, comfort and improvement of space.


The design of the metal leg emphasises the simple shape and is the perfect counterpart to the bevelled cut of the backrest.


Classy sofa offering harmonious shapes, straight lines and superb comfort. Its timeless elegance beautifully enhances every waiting area.


Small tables and shelves that complete the waiting areas. Simple and elegant elements to embellish without being intrusive.